If you have been making quilts for some time, you already know the importance of having a supply of solid-colored fabrics on hand. Solid-colored fabrics provide an appealing pop of color to quilts and are a perfect contrast in floral or geometric quilts. Moda grunge basics are solid fabrics with a textured appearance that will be a fun and colorful addition to your fabric stash.

Landscape quilts

Moda grunge basics are a landscape quilter's best friend. Recreate the stunning colors of a nature-inspired landscape by choosing a green Moda grunge fabric to create a forest scene or a single tree. Pick a rich shade of blue to bring an ocean or lake scene to life and complete the scene by using a beige grunge fabric to stitch up a sandy beach.

Use a combination of rich shades of red, orange, and yellow Moda grunge fabric when making a sunset or sunrise in a landscape quilt. Pick a variety of bright colors and watch a nature-inspired flower garden come to life. There is no limit to the uses of grunge basics when designing a beautiful landscape quilt.

Vintage quilts

Vintage quilts and Moda grunge basic fabrics were made for each other. The textured appearance of grunge fabric makes it a natural choice when it comes to stitching an antique or vintage quilt. Subtle blues, grays, and beiges can be mixed with petite florals in all their vintage glory to create a bedspread or quilted wall hanging that is stunning.

Patchwork quilts

Anything goes when it comes to patchwork quilting. Often constructed with stripes, checks, florals, and solids, patchwork quilts are popular for their rich colors and variety of fabric designs. Replace traditional solid fabrics with Moda grunge basic fabrics to give your patchwork quilt a perfect blend of color and rich texture.

Quilt backing

Moda grunge basics are a good option for quilt backings. Choose a grunge basic fabric to match one of the colors in your patchwork or landscape quilt top and watch the magic happen. For a vintage quilt, choose a beige or gray fabric to create a backing that matches your quilt top's vintage vibe.

If you are looking to add new fabrics to your current supply, Moda grunge basics will not disappoint. Available in a wide range of colors, grunge basics will be a perfect companion for all your quilting projects. Used alongside or in place of regular solid colors, they are sure to take your quilting creativity to new heights.

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