Buying and selling gold really is not a hobby or a craft unto itself. However, you can learn several new skills involving gold that create some really fantastic things. The following hobbies utilize or integrate gold in a number of ways.

Gold in Painting

Gustav Klimt was a famous Austrian painter who was known for his extravagant use of gold leaf. Gold leaf is real gold, melted down and flattened into paper-thin sheets. Using a special type of adhesive, you can add touches of gold leaf to all of your paintings. If you are not a painter yet, you may want to try this in conjunction with buying gold as it will make your paintings even more valuable if you master the art of painting and applying gold leaf.

Gold in Jewelry Making

Making jewelry at home has become quite the popular art form as well as a popular hobby. Many of these amateur jewelry crafters use real gold and real gems in their work. You could learn to melt down the gold you get and then craft chains and links, bars, earrings from the stuff. It takes a lot of creativity and a clock maker's patience, but you might find it quite satisfying.

Gold in Electroplating

Electroplating used to be a very popular boy scout hobby fifty years ago. It has dwindled off some, but electroplating is still in use when vintage gold items need restoration or coins need rejuvenation. The hobby uses an electric wand to melt and adhere any precious metal to any surface at all. Jewelers sometimes use them to "erase" scratches in wedding bands or to recreate a mount prong for gems that constantly fall out. You can come up with lots of different ways to use an electroplating kit and a little gold.

Gold in Sewing

Gold thread, truly pure gold thread, is created by making long, delicate, thin strands of gold. This ancient art was used to decorate clothing and sew precious stones to crowns and capes. It is, quite possibly, one of the most challenging of all hobbies, as it will take you some time to learn how to first make the gold thread, and then how to sew with it.

Lots of Other Gold-Related Hobbies

The options above are just a few examples of how gold can be used in a variety of ways. There are several more hobbies that use gold in all its forms. See if you can find a hobby that you enjoy, do well, and helps you create something amazing from your gold purchases.

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