Gender reveal parties are a popular way to bring friends and family together while surprising the expecting parents or attendees. If you are in the process of planning a gender reveal party, balloons are one of many ways to add to the decorations.

Create A Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is one way the expecting parents can make a grand entrance into the party. You can choose classic colors, such as pink and blue, and arrange them in "candy cane" stripes, or use rainbow colors for the arch. As an alternative, the couple may have a preferred color scheme and you can strategically add pink and blue balloons. Some popular colors for the overall color scheme include black, gray, and white, since they are neutral and work with most other colors. In addition to using the arch as the entrance way for the couple, it also works as an attractive backdrop for group pictures.

Incorporate Different Arrangements

Balloon arrangements can be made into almost any shape. Some gender reveal parties also serve as baby showers, so you can incorporate balloon arrangements based on what is happening at the party. If there is a table for gifts, a balloon arrangement shaped as baby bottles on either side of the table would be a fun way to show guests where to place their gift. Since many gender reveal parties include food, the table for food can have an arrangement shaped like a large cupcake or you can use a smaller arrangement as the centerpiece for each dining table. Adding these small touches not only enhances the decorations for the party, but will serve as fun photo opportunities to save for the baby book or a scrapbook.

Use Balloons For The Announcement

Balloons can serve as a way to formally announce the gender of the baby. Use neutral-colored balloons that are opaque to conceal pink or blue confetti. You will need to practice with different balloons until you find the ones that adequately hide the contents, since many balloons appear opaque but quickly become transparent once they are filled with air or helium. When it is time to make the announcement everyone can pop the balloons and watch the confetti spill out to reveal the gender. If you want to make the announcement more interactive, guests can take turns selecting a balloon from a large bin, sit on the balloon to pop it, and see if it contains colored confetti. To make the game a little more competitive, the person who finds the balloon could win a small prize.

Gender reveal parties are a fun way to either surprise the expecting parents or make the formal announcement to friends and family. Incorporating balloons is one method of enhancing the decor and making the festivities more interactive. To get supplies for your party, check out retailers like Tampa Bay Balloons.